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Equine Behaviour

Due to current time constraints we are not currently taking on equine cases. Please feel free to contact us for alternative contacts.

Horses can suffer from a range of problems that Bells and Whistles can assist with. Fears, phobias, aggression, loading and separation problems are common issues we can overcome.



Our behaviour counsellor Jenny has years of experience with horses including riding, rearing youngstock and of course dealing with behaviour and training issues. We use force-free methods of training such as clicker training, lure & reward and BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Therapy) to help with a range of problems. Please note, we do not deal with ridden problems except where behavioural issues are concerned (e.g. spooking at objects or traffic). We do not believe in using quick fixes which hide the problem, our programmes are designed to work long term.



For training issues such as handling, headcollar training, loading or catching we offer 1-2-1 training sessions priced at £65 per hour. These sessions are also suitable for additional training such as trick training.


For behaviour problems such as separation problems, aggression or phobias we offer behavioural consultations. You will be asked to provide a veterinary referral to ensure that any medical issues that may be causing or exacerbating the problem are taken into account. You will also be sent a questionnaire to fill in prior to your consultation, which usually lasts around 2 hours. After the consultation you'll receive a full written report and as much email/phone support as you need over the following 12 weeks. This package is £280. After this further support packages are available at a discounted rate if needed*.



Our behaviour counsellor Jenny has an MSc in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from Southampton University as well as many years experience in the animal industry. Jenny founded Bells and Whistles in 2009 after leaving the RSPCA. It is important to be sure that the behaviourist you are seeing is qualified to help you, as at present the industry is not regulated and many 'behaviour counsellors' have done nothing more than a weekend course (or worse no qualifications at all). Please feel free to ask about Jenny's qualifications & experience if you have any worries.


We are happy to work with your current riding instructor as needed, provided that they understand we will be using force-free methods.


Problem horses often get sold on when in fact their problem is easily treatable.



*Further visits are charged at the reduced rate of £60 per hour, phone and email support is £40 per month if bought consecutively from the end the 12 week package. We may charge mileage for consultations depending on your location.

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