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Exotic pet ownership in the UK is on the rise, but it can often be hard to find help if things start to go wrong. From feather plucking birds to aggressive reptiles, Bells and Whistles will help your pet through their problem or find the right behavioural advice for your pet through our network of specialist exotic behaviourists.



Many behavioural issues are caused or exacerbated by medical problems. Therefore, we only work on veterinary referral; we will send you a referral form along with our behaviour questionnaire prior to booking a consultation. At this point in the process we will either arrange a consultation or refer you to a specialist for your species of pet.



Our behaviour consultation packages for exotic pets are priced just like the consultations for cats & dogs. £130* for a home consultation (approx. 2 hours), full written report and phone & email support for as long as you need us.



For less serious problems, a training session or two may be sufficient. These are priced at £30 per hour* and can cover anything from introducing a new pet to teaching your pet some fun tricks.


There's no need to put up with that unwanted behaviour. Call us today!



*We may charge mileage for consultations or training sessions more than 20 miles from Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire.

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