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Paddock Hire - available at our Henton venue

Our main paddock is fenced with is stock net and wire, and is roughly 4.5ft tall. Please ask to view the paddock before booking if you are unsure if this would be suitable for your dog. The agility kit is in this paddock. It can be hired hourly or 1/2 hourly.



Main Paddock or Arena:

- 1/2 hour without agility kit - £6

- 1 hour without agility kit -  £11

- 1/2 hour with kit use - £10

- 1 hour with kit use - £19


Please note the agility kit is used at your own risk. We hire the equipment only to those that have had some agility training, to minimise the chance of injury to your dog (and yourself).


Recall Paddock:

We have a smaller paddock, often used for recall training as it is long and narrow. This is available at £3 for 30 minutes. Please note the main paddock and recall paddock cannot be booked at the same time. We often have reactive dogs in the paddocks, and these two areas are not far enough apart to be booked simultaneously.

Click here for the paddock hire booking form

Please note we have horses and sheep in adjacent fields. Your dog remains your responsibility at all times.


During the coronvirus outbreak, we are adding new hygiene measures. Please do not attend if you are self isolating.

2020-03-01 10.52.13-3 Click here for the COVID-19 paddock hire rules