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Rally & Agility Classes

We offer a variety of different classes for puppies & adult dogs





It is very easy to get carried away with going fast and jumping big jumps, but if you don't get accuracy first, you will find you end up with a fast, but uncontrollable dog! Pre-agility helps you and your dog to learn how to get safely round an agility course.



Pre-agility Introduction - this 6 week course is suitable for puppies or adult dogs that are new to agility. Pre-agility does not involve any jumping, twisting or weaving. Lessons are 1 hour long. We concentrate on getting you and your dog working as a partnership, improving hind limb coordination and moving over obstacles in a safe and accurate way. This course is held outside at our Henton venue. £75



Pre-agility Group - After the initial 6 week introduction, dogs that are too young for agility or those dogs that need a little more training before moving on to the full kit can join a weekly pre-agility group where available. You will start to run small courses and learn the cues and techniques needed to succeed at agility. Pay monthly £6 per class or £8 if you want to come along ad hoc.





We offer fun agility for adult dogs (over 12 months or 14 months for giant breeds) at an outdoor venue in Henton. Agility is a great way of bonding with your dog and increasing their exercise and mental stimulation.



Agility Introduction - a 6 week course aimed at giving you a taster and beginning to work on all pieces of equipment. £75


Agility Groups - After your 6 week taster you can join a pay monthly group to improve your skills or just continue having fun with your dog. £6 per class if paid monthly or £8 if you want to come along ad hoc.



121 Agility - if you would rather learn in a private session then you can book a 30 minute session for £15. Ideal if your dog is unsure of other dogs of if you are worried about them getting distracted by the other dogs in a group class.



While we aim at doing agility just for fun, we do not use any techniques that would conflict with competing at agility. Though our agility classes are usually one hour, we reserve the right to shorten these sessions due to small class size - for instance 1 dog 30 minutes, 2-3 dogs 45 minutes.





Rally is a relatively new sport to the UK. It involves navigating a course of 15 - 20 stations at which you are asked to complete an obedience exercise. We teach both UK Rally (Kennel Club) and Rally TD (Talking Dogs). Rally is a fun sport whether you are looking to compete or just to improve your dogs general obedience.



Rally Introduction - a six week taster course on which you will learn the difference between UK Rally and TD Rally and how to complete the level one stations for both types of rally. £75



Rally Groups - Once you have completed the 6 week introduction course you are welcome to join our level 1 Rally group where available. This is a pay monthly group (£5 per class). As you and your dog improve you have the choice of moving up to the Level 2 & 3 groups.



JOINING A CLASS - See the 'Dog Training' page for upcoming classes


Below are times and venues of our current classes. Please note introduction classes may be held at different times or venues. We run a waiting list system for pre-agility, agility & rally, please contact Jenny for more information or to be added to a waiting list.

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Pre-agility Group - Sundays in Henton



Agility Intro - Sundays in Henton



Agility Groups - Sundays in Henton



Rally Intro - Currently unavailable



Rally Groups - Currently unavailable.



Apologies for the lack of availability for Rally we are looking for a new trainer to cover these classes.