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Reactive Dogs

In addition to our behavioural consultation service, we also offer 'Reactive Dog' courses for those dogs that have issues around other dogs.


This course is a four lesson course, which uses force-free, reward based desensitisation and counterconditioning to help your dog feel more confident around other dogs. We aim to keep the course as stress free as possible with screen in place to avoid contact and fences between dogs as needed.


On the course you will learn how to avoid reactive moments on walks,  tell when your dog is getting uncomfortable and change your dogs underlying emotion when he sees another dog.


Lesson 1 - Distraction techniques, understanding your dogs body language and work your dog with stuffie dogs (realistic stuffed toys).


Lesson 2 - Begin to work with real dogs.


Lesson 3 - Group walk with your classmates, to put what you have learned into practise.


Lesson 4 - Group walk with your classmates, aiming to get closer together. Graduates from previous groups will join you for more real life practice.


Dogs are generally reactive towards other dogs either through fear or through frustration. Reactivity can also be learned or due to a medical issue. It is important that we assess your dog prior to the Reactive Dog course in order to be sure the course will meet your needs. Severely reactive dogs, or dogs with other issues as well as reactive behaviour around other dogs may benefit from a behaviour consultation before joining this course.


A referral from your vet is required to join this course - this helps us rule out underlying medical issues as a cause of your dogs aggression.


The course cost is £105. There are a maximum of 4 places on each course, and vet referral is required, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment. Please note this course is held outdoors.


After the course you will be invited to join our reactive dog graduates group on Facebook, this allows you to meet up with other owners and their reactive dogs on walks to help with your dogs progress. Via this group you can access further training sessions and our RD agility group.

Upcoming Courses:


Now taking bookings for our next course starting Sunday August 15th at 2.30pm


Please note, covid-19 has meant some small changes to the class, including our instructors not being able to handle your dog.

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