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Small Animal Training & Behaviour

Small animals can make wonderful pets, but often issues such as aggression result in pets that cannot be handled and are left to live out their lives in a cage. This is often unsatisfactory for the pet, but is also pretty disappointing for you as an owner. Animals bought as children's pets can particularly suffer with this as the child becomes afraid of their new pet.



With our extensive knowledge of common pets such as ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, degus and rats; we can offer help with handling issues, environmental  requirements and introducing new pets. We can also advise you on which would be the best pet(s) for your household.


•£35 for a 30 minute session*


•£65 for an hours session*



We also offer fun trick training lessons for you and your pets, these are great for getting more interaction and a better bond with your pet as well as being a great way to show off to your friends. These sessions can be a great birthday treat for your children and gift vouchers are available if you have a friend who might enjoy teaching their pet some new tricks.



For more difficult or ingrained issues we may need to do a behaviour consultation, for instance for a house rabbit that is becoming destructive or where your pets are severely aggressive or fighting with one another. We do require a veterinary referral form to be completed in order to help with these issues. Our behaviour counsellor will be able to advise you if a consultation is more appropriate than a training session.



Small animals are just as worthy of behavioural help as larger ones. It's time to start enjoying your pet again!



*We may charge mileage for consultations or training sessions more than 20 miles from Henton, Oxon.

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