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Vets Corner

We do not offer veterinary advice. If you are worried about your pet's health, please speak to your vet. The information on this page is aimed at vets requiring our services.



CPD  Talks - From half day seminars or evening lectures to 15 minute 'coffee break' talks. Bells and Whistles can offer talks and workshops on a range of animal training & behaviour topics. For example:

•Running a puppy party

•Reducing in clinic aggression

•Cat stress

•Principles of animal training

•Introducing a new pet

•Neutering from the behaviour counsellors perspective


Puppy Parties - We are happy to run puppy socialisation parties at your clinic as an added service for your clients. We can run parties either as a one off or on a regular basis. Before your first party we will arrange a meeting to discuss puppy numbers, frequency of parties and training methods used. Topics covered include socialisation with people, dogs and environments, housetraining, puppy biting, play and training. We also offer staff training for puppy parties if you would prefer to keep them in-house.



Behavioural Referral Service - If you have a client you feel would benefit from behavioural advice, you can refer them to us directly by completing a referral form. Please ensure your client knows we are going to call them and that their correct telephone number is on the referral form. You can also ask your client to call us, we will then send them a referral form which they will ask you to complete. Please send the client history with the referral form as this can often help us diagnose a behavioural issue or formulate a timeline for the behaviour issue.





Puppy parties - £30 for a one hour party (we may waive this fee for local clinics booking regular monthly parties).


Talks - Prices dependant on service and venue, e.g. 15 minute in clinic talks for staff £30. 1 hour evening lecture at Stokenchurch Methodist Church £10 per person.